We provide the best in anterior segment treatment. Cataract with advanced PHACO, Yag laser, Green Laser, Keratometry

Laparoscopic surgery and endourology

Best in the region Laparoscopic surgery, TLH, lap Hernia Surgery, Lap Cholecystectomy, Lap appendix, PCNL, TURP etc.


Normal and caesarean delivery, Laparoscopic Gynae Surgery including TLH, Infertility treatment, Lap Ovarian surgeries etc,

Internal Medicine

Meticulous management of diabetes, hypertension, CAD, epilepsy, hypothyroidism. Echocardiography, TMT, Holter, PFT

A Specialised Centre for Laparoscopic Treatment

Laparoscopic surgeries refer to a type of minimally invasive surgical procedures performed using techniques and instruments that require advanced skills and expertise. In this type of technique patient recovery is very quick and is the safest for the patient in expert hands.

At Bhanoo Hospitals we offer laparoscopic surgery for all diseases that are treated with laparoscopy at the best hospitals in the world. Conversion to open surgery is almost nil with us except in inoperable cases that are not amenable to open surgery also.

We as a team of Laparoscopic Surgeons and Gynaecologists believe in offering the best type of surgery for all. No underprivileged patient should be denied of a Laparoscopic Surgery as these are the patients who require quick recovery to earn their daily bread. Depriving them of quality surgery due to their financial constraints is against the will of GOD.

The Most Reliable, Expert & Compassionate Doctors in the Community

सर्वे सन्तु निरामया

May Everyone Be in Good Health

Bhanoo Hospitals have touched the lives of patients and are continuing care of the people in the region.

Our Core values:-

Bhanoo Hospitals have been present in Himachal Pradesh since 2013. Initially it started as a Bhanoo Eye hospital and rapidly expanded to Multispecialty units in Kullu and Mandi and now it’s fourth branch in Chandigarh. We have been providing best of the Surgical, Gynae and Eye care with utmost satisfaction of the patients. We never shy away from treating patients as per the medical ethics.

Our Core values:-

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Viking Bhanoo


Dr. Prasenjit Panda

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) Trained in Echocardiography

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