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Our doctors include highly qualified male and female practitioners who come from a range of backgrounds and bring with a diversity of skills and special interests. Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

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Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis at Bhanoo Hospital is a highly advanced and critical service aimed at diagnosing and understanding various medical conditions. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled professionals, we offer comprehensive laboratory analysis to assist in accurate disease identification and treatment planning.

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Our laboratory services cover a wide range of tests, including blood, urine, stool, tissue, and genetic analysis. Whether it’s routine blood work or specialized tests, our dedicated team ensures precise and reliable results. We follow strict quality control measures to maintain accuracy and provide prompt reporting within the shortest turnaround time.

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At Bhanoo Hospital, we prioritize patient safety and confidentiality, ensuring that all samples are handled and processed with utmost care. Our laboratory analysis service not only plays a fundamental role in disease detection but also aids in monitoring treatments and evaluating therapeutic outcomes.

Investigations Price List

Umbilical Cord Appearance $50

Treatments Price List

Colonoscopy $50

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We help create a care plan that addresses your specific condition and we are here to answer all of your questions & acknowledge your concerns. Today the hospital is recognised as a world renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment, but improving the outcomes.

Our staff strives to make each interaction with patients clear, concise, and inviting. Support the important work of Medicsh Hospital by making a much-needed donation today. We will work with you to develop individualised care plans, including management of chronic diseases. If we cannot assist.

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Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries. Doctors will be available from 8 am : 12 am , kindly call to confirm your Appointment.

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Emergency Cases

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry call us.

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